April 12—19

Nina Davies

Rory Beard

Oliver Crowther

Katie Surridge

Scott Young

Andreas Mallouris

Curated by

Fran Painter–Fleming

During the 12—19th of April the Access Art Trail invites you to take a walk through Deptford to encounter the work of seven artists peppered through public space. Kicking off at Fordham Park, follow the route to feast your eyes (and ears) on the works you will uncover.

The trail brings together the work of Goldsmiths MFA students who have all responded to the heightened and weary zeitgeist of the last year or so. Despite not being created directly in conversation with one another, a surprisingly pertinent constellation of ideas has emerged from the works featured in the trail. Notions of care, of the importance of community and the precarity of culture in our digital age continually surface, as does a sense of humour and optimism.

Each stop is accompanied with a QR code for more information about the work, or to bring you into contact with the works created in the digital realm. So bring your phone, meander through the streets and take the time to really digest the works on display.


Please note the fourth stop of the route will only be ‘visitable’ on the 18th of April, when Katie Surridge will be hosting a thank you meal for all the local businesses and galleries showing the work of Goldsmiths students as part of the wider access show.


Happy trailing!


*Turn on the Access Art Trail — Walking Route layer in our interactive map below for a suggested path through the QR code Stops.