Closing Supper

Access Art Trail, QR code Stop D

Deptford Market Yard

April 18


Katie Surridge

During the lockdown, I transformed my Peckham garden into a micro–farm. At the peak of summer, I was growing over sixty varieties of edible plants as well as getting eggs from the three cheeky hens — nugget, babe station and agent cooper.

Space was used to generate materials for my art practice as well as edible produce.

As a result of the abundance I grew, I set up a food bank as a way to share some of the excess produce with the community.

I now cook once a month on the Old Kent road. I would like to make a large meal on the 18th to say thank you to Deptford and the people that hosted us, and hopefully bring a bit of joy and connectivity through food.

@308 Farm Space