Access Finissage

Margaret McMillan Park, 54 Glenville Grove, Deptford, SE8 4BP, London

April 18


Rory Beard

*supported by Shona Beard

**featuring Awesome Annie Balloon Artist

Blanket production — Tild Art

Curated and organised by Camille Moreno

Performances and a picnic on socially distanced blankets.

Rory Beard is a multi–disciplinary artist often employing humour and self–reflexivity. His tongue–in–cheek practise explores appropriation and outsourcing in the quest for a meta Rory Beard artist impersonator, addressing notions of artistic labour and authorship.

London–based designer Paul Cocksedge’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’ blankets are an open–source pattern designed for a “post lockdown future” and allow people to “socialise safely and confidently.” Produced by London–based fashion brand Tildart from recycled fabric.

Friendly children’s entertainer with over 15 years’ experience. A safe and inclusive performance to invoke traditions of festivals and spectacles.