Deptford Food Centre

Access Art Trail, QR code Stop E

April 12—19

Scott Young

The printed paintings installed in the plastic pocket sleeves in the window of Deptford Food Center merge with an environment of food display which I have had a long standing interest. The layout of printed coupon mailers and shop sales posters contained a recipe of captivation for me, predating and predicting the virtual image banks which we now currently scroll/ dwell in. I was excited to return to the specific time and space of the Food Center with these considerations in mind, gleaning certain historical tidbits of Deptford along the way. The tunnels underneath the shops (some passing through a crypt) reminded me of ant farms. And what would food be without a farm? The finger prints of production softly fade behind as another morning’s breakfast floats in. Pop forensics.


Instagram: @scottsyoung