FuQing Chinese Supermarket 福清超市

36 Deptford High St, SE8 4AF, London

April 9—19

Mon to Sat: 09:00—20:00

Sundays: 11:00—17:00

Hongyu Luo

Choon Mi Kim

Curated by Choon Mi Kim and Hongyu Luo

FuQing Chinese Supermarket 福清超市 (est 2007)

FuQing Chinese supermarket opened in 2007 by Mrs. Lin and Mr. Guo in Deptford High Street.

Today it’s home to over 1000 types of product from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and beyond.

Choon Mi Kim

Drawing1+2/The First Lockdown, Risograph print 3/20, 297mmx420mm, 2021

Hongyu Luo

来了啊/Home Sweet Home, Dimension variable, 2021